Sycamore High School submission "Teens & Trucks Share the Road"

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 05:15
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Sycamore High School
We had the Tennessee Trucking Foundation come to Sycamore High School and speak to all the Health and Wellness classes, Health Science, Foundations and Principals of Techonology, and Family Consumer Science classes. The team spoke to each group of classes for the entire school day. They shared a presentation as well as allowed the students to get into the truck and see the NO ZONE. This was a great opportunity to give students a real loook at the dangers associated with operating large trucks and vehicle around other motorist. They also spoke about the other dangers associated with driving shuch as wearing wor seat belt, importance of having insurance, distracted driving, and other important issues. Mandy and the team were awesome and the students really liked the program! Thanks
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